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I dragged myself through blood and mud
And with empty eyes pushed love away
Now I know people are not kind
Made up lies forces them to stay

The sun sat down
I dream to be free
Nightmares all around
As I suffer and bleed

No regrets for the way I lived this life
I gave all I had in me for when I say goodbye
Its crumbling down my muse in the air
It’s a farewell, forever, from this hell

The sun sat down
I am not free
And I think about
Am I really me?

I opened up my heart to you
And you saw the cracks on my soul
You’ve seen all about me
Still you don’t get me at all

The darkness inside me
Is fighting to come out
You were my only seal
But now I have my doubts

I never asked anything of you
But to see your true love
Maybe it was asking too much
I never saw it even once

So I board this lonely ship
All alone again
I wish you be happy
And that we can be friends.

The candles have been blown out by the wind
don't be scared my love, I’m by your side
This reminds me of the times I walked home alone...dead
until you woke me up and made me come alive…again

With your love you feed the fire in my heart
And in your eyes, I see the birth of stars

So the sun don't shine on me without your love
...don't you know?
The cold wind kills the flames in my heart
...with its blow!

She gave me everything and anything that I wanted
Every single day, no questions asked
There was nothing she said she couldn’t
All the sacrifices were made because of her great care

With her love she feeds the flames in my heart
That’s why she's my only light
In the dark,
At night.

So the sun don't shine on me without your love
...don't you know?
The cold wind kills the flames in my heart
And everything is dead calm all around.

Meanwhile in Africa 3 by alex-mg
Meanwhile in Africa 3
So I moved because of work and now I'm leaving in Africa.
This is one of the things I found while walking in one of the streets.

People that don't have much, don't complain about what they have and don't have. They live with it and are happy.
This is just too beautiful to leave it stored in my computer.
Meanwhile in Africa 2 by alex-mg
Meanwhile in Africa 2
So I moved because of work and now I'm leaving in Africa.
This is one of the things I found while walking in one of the streets.

People that don't have much, don't complain about what they have and don't have. They live with it and are happy.
This is just too beautiful to leave it stored in my computer.


Hello beautiful people!

I'm feeling good today and decided to shine a little bit of my light upon your sleeping faces. Hope everyone is alright ^^

Enough about me, lets talk about an interesting person..
Who is the person in this picture? :iconcupofcharlie:

I dunno.. that's for you to decide. ^^

So Charlie, tell us about yourself..
:bulletpink: Hello! My name is Charlie and I live in England. I am a keen writer and an aspiring novelist. One day I hope to be a respected writer. My main interests are literature and music. When I am not writing in my spare time, I have a job in a music store. I’m a friendly, smiley and approachable person, so feel free to drop me a note and say hi!

Very friendly indeed! Don’t  mind if I do xD
By the way, how long have you been on DA?
:bulletpink: As of this week I have been on DA as CupofCharlie for a year!

Yaaay! Congrats!! :D
Tell me more! How did you learn about DA?
:bulletpink: I’ve known about DA for ten years or so. My sister is an artist on DA and made an account about a decade ago. I also made an account then (under a different name), where I drew pictures of Pokémon and other cartoon characters. Luckily my old account doesn’t exist anymore.
I found out about DA from my sister who was - and still is - a keen artist

That’s just beautiful.. you are one of the few old-school badass artists on :dalogo: and that is impressive :clap:
When I look at someone else's art I tend to look behind the scenes and I try to understand how they got on such level... Charlie, what makes you work so hard on your art?
:bulletpink: Determination. As a writer, I would love to be a best-selling author one day. That’s my main ambition. And I know the only way that dream can become a reality is if I put the work in and continue to write as I brush up on my skills. The more I write, the more I learn and the more interest I receive as a result.

May I suggest you add a few pringles to your equation towards success? It works for me, sometimes xD
Hard work and determination are very important but we can't do this alone.. Is there anything that the DA community could do for you to enhance your experience and help you upgrade your artwork?
:bulletpink: For me, the thing I value most about the DA community is feedback. It is an amazing feeling to see a piece of my work receiving a favourite; it makes me feel as though the effort I put into my work was worthwhile because at least one person has appreciated it and enjoyed it. Comments are really great too because they help me see what people really think: what they like about my writing, what they think could be improved upon. Comments are invaluable. So I guess the only thing the DA community could do to enhance my experience is to read my writing and let me know what they think.

You hear that people!? COMMENTS ARE INVALUABLE! :D
I had more questions for you and you sure answered all of them but lets keep those for when you become famous after people read this journal xD

To wrap this up, give us some of the most meaningful pieces from your gallery :) 
Reginald Morris                                                     'Winter stole summer's thrill'
                                                                      - Ben Howard.
                                 'I'm getting old and I need something to rely on'
                                                                           - Keane.
                                   'You may tire of me, as our December sun is setting,
                                                    'cause I'm not who I used to be'
                                                             - Death Cab for Cutie.
As Reginald Morris took his final breaths, he lay alone in a hospital bed. There was no one to comfort him as he slipped out of this world. The closest to comfort he got was a blanket that a nurse had tucked him into. At ninety-six years of age, he had no living friends or family. His wife Mary had died
– one of the first stories I wrote for DA and possibly my favourite. It’s a story about old age and the world’s perception of the older generation 
The Garden Shed                  'I know it's over, still I cling, I don't know where else I can go...'
                                                                    - The Smiths.
    'What have I become? My sweetest friend. Everyone I know goes away in the end'
                                                                    - Johnny Cash.
                                        'I don't want to be stranded again, on my own,
                             when the tide comes in, and pulls me below the surface'

                                                                        - Hurts.
The shed in the back garden sat proud. It was surrounded by those it cherished: scarlet red roses, scented purple lavender and grass cut to perfection. The shed was their protector and was completely content, watching over them with incomparable happiness and love. The only indication of its age could be observed by a couple of small imperfections. Its glass eye
– Originally written when I was about 13 and updated recently. A very important story to me, as it was one of the first I ever wrote.
The Sun Will Set For You                                        'We're only taking turns, holding this world,
                    it's how it's always been, when you're older you will understand'

                                                                                          - The Fray.
                                'And the hardest part was letting go not taking part,
                                                          you really broke my heart'

                                                                                            - Coldplay.
                        'There's no light in the hall, there's no sound here at all,
                                                         emptiness, emptiness rules'

                                                                                          - Hard-fi.
My suitcases wait by the apartment door. I’m almost ready to leave. Almost. There is no way I can stay here any longer. Th
– based on a Linkin Park song. A story that deals with the death of a sibling.
Rose Trees Never Grow In New York City                                            'All I want is for someone to help me'
                                                                                    - Aloe Blacc.
                 'Think twice, 'cause it's another day for you and me in paradise'
                                                                                    - Phil Collins.
Times Square subway station. 8.56am. Rush hour. Hundreds of commuters are making their stressful journeys to work, power walking through the station and jostling each other to get onto their various trains. Streams of people pass through the station like swarms of bees, like wildebeest rushing from preying lions. The same human swarm was witnessed yesterday. The same human swarm will undoubtedly be witnessed tomorrow.
Every single human in sight is rushing somewhere with determination, with premature wrinkles lining their foreheads, a serious expression plastered on their faces. Every single human, ex
– based on an Elton John song. A story about homelessness.
You Got A Fast Car                                            'I look at you and smile because I'm fine'
                                                                                    - The Killers.
You got a fast car. We’re speeding down the motorway, leaving behind the road. Leaving behind our past. Escaping the confines of our old town. Any place is better. I look over at you, your eyes fixed on the road ahead. Your eyes, unblinking, filled with determination and ambition. Your hands are clenched tightly on the steering wheel, adamant that you can control our future just like you can control your car. The open windows let in a fresh breeze that caresses your hair, every dark strand waving in a synchronised motion. Looking at you, I feel hope. I feel happy. I feel safe. Maybe together we can get somewhere.
You sense my gaze upon your face and glance over, a smile spreading uncontrollably across your face. Your eyes meet mine and light up with happiness and excitement. You t
– based on the Tracy Chapman song. A story about love and its struggles.



You liked it, didn't you? Don't worry, I won't blame you.. xD
Don't hold back and watch Charlie not only because of her kindness, but also for amazing art  xD

Keep Calm




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Hence I'm changing my goal to 200 points ;)

Thank you all for everything :iconholdheartplz:

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alex-mg's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Hello world, hope you reading..^^

I have nothing much to say about me even if I'm not a simple person...
I always dream high, dreams of forests covered in rain and gray-colored skies...
I love to write.. It makes me proud of myself, it makes me feel free from all the compulsion in our everyday life..

But the thing I like the most is to share. I share what I do, I share who I am and what I am.
I fear nothing while trying to make some distance between me and reality.
I hate pity and injustice... People that pity you will never truly love you, and injustice if let alone will kill us, starting from the inside and bursting in our minds and hearts like a thousand lighting bolts.

I mostly write about myself, my experience in life (although its still very short), I hate to write for others, but I love to write about others.

Oh.. almost forgot... this is my skype name ---> mg.alexandre
please note me first before adding me :D

Follow me on FaceBook -> Check my Page

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